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Michigan Flat Fee Listing for only $349.00!!!

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Quick Facts:

  • You NEED the exposure of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) period!!!  Why? Because only 8 out 100 For Sale by owners are successful, that means 92 of them end up listing with a Realtor the last thing they wanted to do. On average they have already spent $900 on marketing before they utimatley hire a Realtor and pay a 5-7% commission.

  • Not only is the MLS responsible for 85-90% of home sales, the net proceeds of the sale are 7% higher than homes sold for sale by owner. This is the most used sales pitch agents use to get listings, stating that the increased sale price cancels out the listing commission. While it is true that selling via the MLS brings a higher sales price, why give that money away? It is your money, your equity.

  • Listing agents DON’T sell homes; they sign you up and wait for a buyer’s agent to complete the sale and then they show up and collect there 3% check (this could be your savings). Even worse than that, you cant even sell your OWN home without paying them.

  • The new flat-fee flat-rate listing is a way to save big money listing & selling properties via the REALTOR® MLS (paying no listing commission) it will be the real estate future! Pace Realty, LLC envisions flat fee listings overtaking the realty market one-day, as more and more smart homeowners come to realize there is no need to pay a high traditional real estate listing commission anymore!

Pace's Flat Fee Package:
  • Your home is listed in the REALTOR MLS (multiple listing service) with up to 6 photographs within 24 hours, by a state licensed REALTOR.

  • A featured Showcase Listing on (the #1 destination for home buyers on the internet). The Showcase Listing includes up to 6 photos, a featured headline and extended descriptive information

  • A high quality distinctive black and gold Pace Realty yard sign with brochure box.

  • Lockbox usage

  • Office scheduling of all showing appointments for other agents 7 days a week.

  • All state required disclosures

  • Expert REALTOR representation and assistance in negotiation of purchase agreements

  • LOWEST PRICE GUARANTY –  on same service level.




LOOK at how much Pace Realty, LLC can save YOU!

Sale price of home



Approx. Savings of $3,000


Approx. Savings of $6,000


Approx. Savings of $9,000


Approx. Savings of $12,000


Approx. Savings of $15,000


Approx. Savings of $18,000


Approx. Savings of $21,000


Approx. Savings of $24,000


Approx. Savings of $27,000


Approx. Savings of $30,000

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